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31st July, 1st & 2nd August 2020

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WE have teamed up with the guys at Z-I-P  a bespoke tent hire provider, they offer pre-pitched camping  and deliver all the fun of the outdoors without any of the usual effort involved.


Z-I-P will turn up before everyone else and Pre-erect a tent that will suit all your needs. All you have to do is wrap yourself up in your sleeping bag and get some shut-eye.


There is a wide array of packages to suit your needs, with everything from two to eight-person occupancy options available. We promise that no matter how many people you invite along, we’ll be able to accommodate each of them exactly as they wish in our high quality pads.  Z-I-P will  make sure your pitch is ready from the crack of dawn, and sited in the very best spot to boot.We’ll come and pitch the tents and kit them out for you before your arrival and take them down when you’re ready to go home


You won’t need to lug heavy camping equipment, nor spend hours searching for a pitch.


Put simply, Z-I-P provides camping without any of the downsides, and who wouldn’t want that?


If you choose Z-I-P they can even provide you with sleeping bags and pillows at the event these will be yours to keep or you can kindly donate these to the homeless charity they work alongside so they can be put to great use.


We look forward to welcoming you to our own little tent town.



How do I Book?


Book your Pitch here with the Secret Camp out


Book your Pre-Pitched tent here with Z-I-P





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